2004 FIDE World Chess Championships
June 18th-July 13th
Tripoli, Libya
FIDE - Fédération Internationale des Échecs

FIDE.com providing excellent coverage!

One of the ways that chess has markedly improved over the years is in its coverage of worldwide event. No longer does a chess player have to rely on "word-of-mouth" or wait one month for the latest results. The Internet and the speed at which results can be transmitted have provided the chess world with almost instantaneous coverage including interviews, reports and live games.

The FIDE staff in Libya (led by Press Officer
Ali Nihat Yazici) has brought life to the tournament with live games, timely reports and captivating interviews of participating players. In addition, there is also video footage of the event which enables one to witness the emotions and hear the voices of chess players and dignitaries. Of course there are other sites covering the event such as ChessBase.com, TWIC and The Chess Drum, but this coverage is made possible only by the efforts of the staff in Libya.


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Posted by The Chess Drum:  20 June 2004