"The Exterminator"  wins Maryland Open!

Known throughout the east coast for his legendary blitz prowess, FM William Morrison has garnered the name, "The Exterminator." In the first weekend of May, he bested Maryland field to claim the state title on tiebreaks over "Master Killers" Zhi-Ya Hu and Andrew Samuelson. All had scored 4-1.  IM Stanislav Kriventsov actually scored 4-, but is a Pennsylvania resident and could not qualify for the state title.

Expert Zhi-Ya had an outstanding performance beating two Masters and drawing two Masters, including Morrison.  FM Morrison who has become more active in the past year has his eyes set on his 3rd and final IM norm this summer. He drew with Kriventsov in the final round to clinch the state title.

Cross Table

FM William Morrison. Copyright , UMBC.

FM William Morrison

Posted by The Chess Drum: 28 May 2004