Sabrina Chevannes of Birmingham, England recently won the top girl's prize in the UK Chess Challenges and 5th overall. The 16-year old burst on the scene years ago with her success at the junior level was the 2000 under-13 English champion and England's 2001 under-15 & under-16 Girls' titles. Earlier this year, also was the top women's scorer in the "FIDE World Major" at 2004 British Championships.

Sabrina's enthusiasm for chess seems to be steady and  she carries a British rating is of 176 (2130 ELO). In the UK Chess Challenge she represented the Birmingham Checkmate Chess Club. In the current
British Chess magazine, she is featured on the cover and by virtue of her victory wins the "ultima" title for the best girl in her age group.

Let's hope that Sabrina will continue her ascent in the British chess scene and perhaps in time, she may play for England's Olympiad team.


Sabrina Chevannes on the cover of British Chess Magazine, October 2004

Sabrina Chevannes on the cover of the current British Chess Magazine.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 28 September 2004