Calvià International draws Sweden's Carlsson

The Calvià International immediately succeeded the 36th Chess Olympiad ending on October 31st. The timing works for Pontus Carlsson who recently left Sweden and has taken up resident in Spain. He believes it to be the best place to perfect the language of his birthplace (Columbia, South America)… and also to get title norms.

Carlsson told The Chess Drum last month that he intended to play in the Calvià International from November 1st-9th. He has played in a number of tournaments including the Solsones International and the Parla Open and mentioned playing in a number of rapid tournaments with great success.

Readers may recall that Carlsson is a rapid specialist and once participated in a televised game with
GM Evgeny Agrest. His stay in Spain should help tremendous with his quality of play and help him to determine how far he can rise as a player of good standard. Keep an eye on this man!

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FM Pontus Carlsson

Results for FM Pontus Carlsson at the Calvià International

Round 1: IM Karsten Volke (Germany 2483) - Carlsson, 1-0
Round 2:
Carlsson - Joseph Canyelles Frau (Spain 2096), 1F-0F
Round 3:
Carlsson  - Juan Torres Tur (Spain 2128), 1-0
Round 4: Klaus Rhein (Germany unrated) -
Carlsson, 0-1
Round 5:
Carlsson - IM Juan Mellado Trivino (Spain  2423) , 1-0
Round 6: GM Jaan Ehlvest (Estonia 2631) -
Carlsson, 0-1
Round 7: Carlsson - GM Salvador G. Del Rio Angelis (Spain 2491), ½-½
Round 8: IM Jayson Gonzalez (Philippines 2422) -
Carlsson, 1-0
Round 9:
Carlsson - GM Daniel Campora (2549 ARG), ½-½

Score: 6
-3 (IM norm)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 5 November 2004