Round two of the Black History Chess Quiz saw the youth continue its domination with two of the three winners being scholastic players.  The three winners were Ralph Mikell of Washington, DC, Teme Sejko of Chicago, Illinois, and 12-year old Kayin Barclay of Chicago, Illinois. All three scored an outstanding 11/12. The 11-year old Sejko is actually a classmate of the winner of the 1st quiz, Paaras Modi.  Both attend Eugen Field Elementary School in Chicago while Barclay attends the Whitney Young High School's Accelerated Program for the Gifted.

Lamarr Wilson, creator of stated that a competition brewed between scholastic players after Modi won 1st prize in the first quiz. Immediately Teme and Kayin attempted to outdo their friend. For now, Paaras maintains bragging rights for getting a perfect score and winning sole 1st place. For their efforts, the winners will receive a Chess Drum T-shirt and a Wilbert Paige Memorial booklet.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 2 March 2004