Video: Olympic Chess Foundation makes a difference!

Vaughn Bennett of the Olympic Chess Foundation has been a blazing the chess trails with an evangelical fervor not seen in the most dedicated coaches. He has been very active in providing opportunities where they otherwise would not exist. At the 2004 World Open, Mr. Bennett gave a promotional clip ("Opening Moves") to The Chess Drum's Daaim Shabazz in hopes to convey the message of how chess has helped children at the DC Moten Center. These children are pegged as dysfunctional or learning disabled (See article about the DC Moten Center).

The video clip is powerful and makes evident the benefits of chess in assisting with social problems which plague many inner-city communities.  The video clip is 13 minutes long and profiles a number of students in whose lives chess has made a difference. Also featured on the clip is
Salome Thomas-EL who has written the best-selling book, "I Choose to Stay." For more information on the video and the Moten Chess Center, contact Mr. Bennett at

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 17 November 2004