Denny wins 13th National Title!
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Suspense. Suspense. News about the final results  is finally trickling out of Barbados. IM Kevin Denny has clinched an unprecedented 13th title after beating NM Terry Farley in a 39-move Rossolimo Sicilian.  Farley, who battled for the lead throughout the tournament, hit a three-game losing skid to close out the tournament with 7-3.

FM Delisle Warner,
who was attempting to snatch a 2nd consecutive title,  was in a serious fight with rapidly-improving junior, Martyn Del Castilho and had to settle for a draw. The defending champion finished in 2nd position with a sparkling 9-2 score, but never held the lead in the tournament. FM Philip Corbin's performance did not meet his standard, but he finished strong with four consecutive wins and with a 7-3 score.

Editor's Note: Thanks goes to IM Denny for a last round report and to Muralihar Areti and Allan Herbert for relaying the results, games and other information after each round.

IM Kevin Denny

IM Kevin Denny

FINAL: Denny, 10-1; Warner, 9-2; Corbin, Farley, 7-3; Alleyne, 7-3; Gilkes, 6-5; M. Del Castilho, 5-5; Daniel, 5-6, Yarde, 3-7; Herbert, 1-9; D. Del Castilho, 2-9; Earlam, 1-9;

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Posted by The Chess Drum:  4 June 2004