Exciting Finalé on tap in Barbados!
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IM Kevin Denny NM Terry Farley


IM Kevin Denny

NM Terry Farley

Today's final round of the 2004 Barbados National Championship will be every bit as exciting as last year's. As predicted, the 11th round game between IM Kevin Denny (9-1) and NM Terry Farley (7½-2½) will play a role in determining the winner. However, Farley has lost two in a row and will only be playing the role of "The Stopper" after slipping to 3rd position behind Denny and FM Delisle Warner (8½-1½). Denny is in a must-win situation against Farley as either a draw or loss would favor Warner. Provided that Warner beats Martyn Del Castilho, he also owns the field's only win against Denny.

FM Philip Corbin has gotten on track  with a three-game winning streak, but it will be too much, too late. He will close out against Allan Herbert and hope to sneak into 3rd place. In other action, Dominic Del Castilho broke into the win column by besting Anthony Earlam. This should do a lot to build confidence of the junior player who had lost an improbable nine in a row. To keep trying hard after such losses is the sign of growth… "trial by fire." The tournament has missed Askari Elson's presence, but certainly the rising star will be seen in future championships.

Get set for an exciting ending in today's final round!

After ten rounds: Denny, 9-1; Warner, 8½-1½; Farley, 7½-2½; Corbin, 6½-3½;  Gilkes, 6-4; M. Del Castilho, 5-5;  Daniel, 4-6; Yarde, 3½-6½; Earlem, Herbert, 1½-8½; D. Del Castilho, 1-9.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 31 May 2004