Denny and Farley lead "Bajan" pack
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IM Kevin Denny NM Terry Farley

IM Kevin Denny

NM Terry Farley

Some interesting developments have taken place in the ongoing Barbados National Championship. Two of the top seeds, including the defending champion, have fallen on swords early into the tournament. In the very first round, FM Philip Corbin was rocked by the rising Mark-John Alleyne after a thunderous sacrifice. NM Terry Farley joined IM Kevin Denny (both with 4-0) with a 4th round win over defending champion, FM Delisle Warner and is headed for a last round "clash" with Denny.

The 3rd round saw a battle pitting two rivals in Corbin and Denny.  A Smith-Morra loyalist, Corbin told The Chess Drum he intended to surprise Denny with the Yugoslav Attack against Denny's pet Dragon. Denny played 1e5 and Corbin ended up in unfamiliar territory as the game ended up in a Berlin defense of the Ruy Lopez. Denny, who broke his two-year hiatus, has vaulted into the lead with 4-0. Farley will attempt to keep pace.

After four rounds: Denny, Farley, 4-0;  Warner, Daniel, Gilkes, 2-;  Alleyne, Corbin, M. Del Castilho, 2-2; Earlem, 1-2; Yarde, 1-3;  D. Del Castilho, Herbert, o-4.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 17 May 2004