Domingos wins Angola's Ensa Cup!
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"Angola/Chess: Ediberto And Engrâcia Win Ensa Cup," Angola Press Agency, 17 April 2004 (Luanda, Angola).

Chess player Ediberto Domingos, from Epal club, won the ENSA Cup on Friday, by defeating (2-1) at the finals the national well-known player Manuel Alberto, from Pião de Damas school, in a game played at Namibe hall of Trópico hotel, in Luanda.

The winner was established on the last match of "the best in three games", after the contenders drew the first two games.

The men's standings table was chiefed by Ediberto Domingos, followed by Manuel Alberto and
João Simões in the third place.

In the women's competition, victory went to Macovi school player,
Engrâcia de Oliveira, who defeated Nair Mendes, from JF school, by 2-0, the occupier of the second position. Ana Isabel was third.

Tito Agostinho, from Rodoviário team, and Sandra Venâncio, from Epal club, were the winners of the 2003 edition.

ENSA Cup, started on Thursday, was contested in the direct eliminating system, with the competition being organised by the Sport's Association of Luanda, in homage to the 26th years of Angola Insurance Firm, commemorated on Thursday.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 19 April 2004