Simutowe explores Pattern Recognition

IM Amon Simutowe wrote an inspired story about a chess player who woke up on his birthday thinking about his life in perspective.

"A chess player wakes up in the morning. It's his birthday. He was excited a few weeks ago but he now feels nothing special. The only difference is that he   feels forty instead of twenty two. He thinks about what he did in 2003 though he should have thought about that six days ago.  He then remembers an instructive comedy he watched a couple of weeks ago. Here are the excerpts he remembers which touched him:

"You don't have character, John."
"What do you mean?" John replies. "Is it because I don't regret?"
The other guy goes on, "There are so many things you have done which you have to regret about except that you don't know them."

Having a character means recognizing things you have done wrong and then correcting mistakes for the future and then tattoo your heart with perfection. The last sentence; tattoo your heart with perfection" and the animation makes a chess player laugh though touched. He continues to think about 2003 again, remembers a few mistakes which he made but he is quite happy because he tried his best to correct most of them.

He also remembers he has an appointment with a friend who has asked if they can analyze one of his games. He then jumps out of bed on a cold morning though shielded by the heater. After a short while he decides to write an article about the game before his friend shows up whilst listening to an inspiring soundtrack.

This chessplayer is me."

Simutowe turned 22 on January 6th and submitted this interesting annotated game on pattern recognition. The fascinating thing about chess is that chess players get many opportunities to correct past mistakes and strive for improvement. Bobby Fischer says "chess is life." Recognition of why we have failed (or succeeded) is of utmost importance in chess as it is in life.

See IM Amon Simutowe-Jos Alayola!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 9 January 2004