GM Ashley will make the call at X3D match

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On Tuesday, a momentous event in chess history will occur. The worldwide sports network, ESPN2, will begin a series of four live broadcasts of the latest
Man vs. Machine match featuring world number 1, Garry Kasparov, against a program called X3DFritz. Not since Fischer-Spassky in 1972 has there been this much live coverage of a chess match on US television. The first show will air this Tuesday at 1 p.m. EST with the following shows set for November 13, 16 and 18. If this event gets the ratings, ESPN will look into broadcasting future chess competitions. You can find out further information at the event website at

I will act as the lead announcer. Those of you know me know that I love to talk trash! Hopefully, I will be able to bring some of that flavor to the telecast and help chess to step into the limelight. I will once again be teaming with
GM Yasser Seirawan. "Yaz" and I work so well together that it's almost criminal. He's got that chess as entertainment mentality that makes him a joy to work with.

Pass on the word to all your friends. More folks watching means better ratings means more chess on TV. Thanks.

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Note: Announcement from Mig Greengard!

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Hello, this is Mig. Just a quick note to mention that the broadcast is on the ESPN2 channel, which is separate in your cable package from ESPN. BTW, I'm running the site and the live web game commentary,
to suggestions and comments are welcome.

I encourage everyone to give positive feedback to ESPN about their chess coverage not just by watching. You (and twenty friends) can write to or use the web feedback form here:

While I'm at it I'll add my usual exhortation to write your local paper, TV station, and any other media outlet to encourage them to cover chess and/or add a chess column. AP and Reuters cover fewer events all the time because fewer outlets are running the stories. Just about every paper's website has a feedback form, or dig out that trusty pen and paper.

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Mig Greengard
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Posted by The Chess Drum: 9 November 2003