South Africa

Kobese wins Spescom-Lightpointe Chess Challenge!

In a tournament featuring most of southern Africa's strongest players, IM Watu Kobese won the Spescom-Lightpointe Chess Challenge with 5-1.  The field included Africa's brightest young stars in IM Amon Simutowe, FM Kenny Solomon, NM Stanley Chumfwa and African Junior Champion,  IM Johannes Mabusela. Simutowe shared joint 2nd with NM Daniel Cawdery and Nicholas Van der Nat.

There were a couple of bittersweet moments in the tournament. In the final round, Kobese accepted a three-move draw with Cawdery which disappointed some of Kobese's fans. However, Kobese being the ultimate professional, had to prepare to fly to neighboring Botswana for a coaching session.

IM Watu Kobese of South Africa

IM Watu Kobese

Other moment was the withdrawing of Ronnie Van Tonder from the tournament due to illness from the effects of chemotherapy treatment he receives for cancer. The organizers awarded Van Tonder a prize for his bravery and a continued fight against the illness. Kobese dedicated his tournament win to his former match opponent.

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Editor: Thanks to Jackie Ngubeni of the Chess Academy for the tournament briefing.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 12 August 2003