Amazing Special Effects in "Matrix Reloaded"

The highly-anticipated sequel, "Matrix Reloaded" was a treasure trove of dazzling special effects, sensory overload and high-octane action. One will have to pay close attention because there is so much information to digest so quickly that crucial points may be missed. In addition, one will spend a lot of time recovering from the astounding special effects and martial arts. However, there doesn't appear to be an overt chess theme, but the possibilities are interesting.

One recurring question in these Matrix movies is how one distinguishes reality from illusion. That seems to be something chess players grapple with at the board on a constant basis. Perhaps there is another connection between chess and the Matrix themes. There is a possibility of each recorded chess game being acted out in a dramatic "Matrix-like" scenario… a story to be told move-by-move. Would we want to see a
Mikhail Tal game or Bobby Fischer re-enacted? Just a thought.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 15 May 2003

Matrix Reloaded