"Pete" Rogers stars in Atlantic Open!

FM Norman "Pete" Rogers has been undergoing somewhat of a slump in the past year. Determined to snap a string of sub-par performances, Rogers traveled to Washington, DC  to play in the Atlantic Open which attracted GMs such as: Jaan Ehlvest (EST),  Ildar Ibragimov (RUS), Gennadi Zaitshik (RUS), Alex Stripunsky (USA) and Pavel Blehm (POL).

Pete Rogers was paired with Ehlvest the 1st round in what was described as a "good draw" by
Kimani Stancil.  After winning his next round against a low-rated player he then held Senior Master Yevgeniy Gershov (2371),  dispatched of  both Beenish Bhatia (2387) and Boris Privman (2331) to tie for joint 1st under 2400 with Marc Esserman (2267) with 4-1. IM Oladapo Adu scored a respectable 3-2 and played for a share of 1st before being derailed by Ibragimov.

FM Norman Rogers

FM Norman Rogers
(Photo by Jerry Bibuld)

Ehlvest, Ibragimov and Zaitschik tied for joint 1st with 4-1 as did Stripunsky (each took $850.00). However, only when Ehlvest and Ibragimov agreed to play the blitz tiebreak. Ehlvest, still one of the world's strongest blitz players, won the battle, the claim to the title and the extra $200.00.

Crosstable (ChessTour website)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 5 September 2003