New York's Banker's League in full swing!

The Bankers League (BAL) is a chess league in New York City divided into four divisions and totaling 24 teams. These teams represent banks, financial institutions, colleges, and chess clubs primarily from the N.Y.C. area.

On Thursday, March 6, 2003, despite the cold and blizzard engulfing the city, there was plenty of heat rippling across the 64 squares as the two top teams in the league engaged in combat. After the smoke cleared St. Johns remained undefeated after 10 rounds in a powerhouse matchup by a score of 3 - 1.

There are several notables and Drum Village members participating in the league. Larry Agee, President of the league, is very instrumental in organizing this league. Other notable members of the league are: Jerald Times, the 2001 Division winner at Foxwoods, Anna Hahn, the current U.S. Women Champion, and Dr. Frank Brady, Captain of St. John's team and renowned author of "Profile of a Prodigy." Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Brady was founding editor of Chess World Magazine; he also served as a researcher for the film, Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Other teams in the league include Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and St. Nicholas Unknowns ( a club team from Central Harlem).

Anyone seeking more information on the Bankers League of New York can contact
Larry Agee at

Report submitted by Kenneth Moody.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 14 March 2003