The current "Historic Moments" feature profiles the island of Martinique, which unbeknownst to many, bustles with chess activity. Operating in the shadows of the more visible English-speaking chess nations, Martinique has developed a unique identity and has created a vibrant chess culture. No… Martinique is not actually a country, but an overseas department of France. This means that it is technically a part of France despite being thousands of miles away.

A couple of weeks ago, The Chess Drum covered news of the Caribbean Open which was won by
FM Delisle Warner of Barbados on tiebreaks over his compatriot FM Philip Corbin. Martinican national champion, Gilles Suez-Panama came in 3rd and inflicted the only loss on Warner. This young man practically dominates chess on the island and perhaps we will see more of him in international tournaments.

Historic Moments, "Country Spotlight: Martinique"

Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 November 2003