2003 US Chess Championship

Muhammad rocks Mulyar with brilliancy!

FM Stephen Muhammad stated after the 2002 World Open that he would play with more intensity. That "new-found" style was on display as he brilliantly defeated IM Michael Mulyar in round three of the ongoing U.S. Chess Championships. Deftly outplaying his opponent, Muhammad finished the game with a brilliant flurry after taking advantage of numerous weakness in his opponent's camp.

At this point, both Muhammad and
GM Maurice Ashley have an undefeated two points, each scoring one win and two draws. A rougher road is ahead for the two chess pioneers, but their round four pairings, while interesting, should not cause them much of a disadvantage. Muhammad will play the wild and tactical  IM Benjamin Finegold while Ashley will play 15-year old star, IM Hikaru Nakamura.

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Drum Coverage of U.S. Championships

Posted by The Chess Drum: 12 January 2003