Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica

The story of the Jamaican Championship (besides Rowe, of course) has to be Malaku Lorne.  Lorne stands clear 3rd on his 7-2 score. Only NM Duane Rowe (8-1) and NM Shane Matthews (7˝-1˝) have fared better.

Going into the last week of play, Lorne will face two National Masters including a serious last-round clash with
NM Jomo Pitterson. Pitterson will try to wrest 3rd place from Lorne with two wins while a draw in either game will clinch at least joint 3rd for Lorne;  wins in the last two rounds  could put Lorne in a position win the crown! Amazing!

In the other marquee weekend matchup,  Rowe will face Matthews in a finalé that could very well determine the champion. As stated earlier, this trend would follow the recent Barbados championship where a last-round battle between the two front-runners decided who would win the crown.

The 10th round will pit Rowe and
Robert Wheeler while Matthews will play white against junior upstart Alain Morais. Looks like an old-fashioned "Jamaican Clash" this weekend! Stay tuned!


Ras Malaku Lorne

Posted by The Chess Drum: 5 September 2003