At the Halfway Mark, Rowe Holds Lead!
Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica

While there won't be a perfect score in this year's Jamaican Championship, the event is turning out to be a close encounter. National Master Duane Rowe sits atop the field with 5- at the halfway-point and has led throughout. Rounding out the top three positions are NM Jomo Pitterson and NM Shane Matthews, each with 5-1.

Maluku Lorne is having a good tournament winning four games including wins over National Masters Russel Porter and Robert Wheeler. Perhaps this tournament will go the way of the recently-ended Barbados championship in the last round Rowe will face Matthews and Pitterson will battle upstart Lorne.

Pairings in Round #7

NM Jomo Pitterson vs. NM Shane Matthews
NM Robert Wheeler vs. NM Mark Holness
NM Duane Rowe vs. Bertram Scott
Daren Wisdom vs. Markland Douglas
Malaku Lorne vs. Alain Morais
Eton Chin vs. Russel Porter


NM Duane Rowe

NM Duane Rowe

Posted by The Chess Drum: 22 August 2003