Interesting Interviews in the Chess Media

ZsuZsa Polgar (interview with FM Paul Truong), "A Man with a Noble Cause," Chess Caf. Interesting interview about FM Paul Truong's evolution as a player and organizer. Reading his harrowing story about how his family left Vietnam would remind one of a  dramatic movie.

We had a lot of problems the first time we tried to escape. The wooden boat was only about 150 feet long and there were more than 600 people inside. We were sitting like sardines in a can, even worse. There was no ventilation, no food, no water and not even a bathroom. The engine could not hold up and exploded. We were stranded in the ocean without food and water for a while. After we were lucky enough to be rescued, our boat was towed back to Vietnam and we were all thrown in jail. Luckily, the authorities did not know who my father was."

However, this nightmare was real and the above quote was only the beginning! Truong shares this emotional story with GM Zsuzsa Polgar and explains how his experience has shaped his vision for chess in his adopted country. A must read story!

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Hartmut Metz (interview with GM Viswanathan Anand), "Stop the Circus," The disappointment is evident in this interview, but it is with good reason that GM Anand has such sentiments.

"Politics has been part of chess since 1993 since I can remember. I hope that there is a final silver lining. The situation is a complete mess. The chess world can't go on like this. The last three years was a circus. We all hope that there will be a unification."

The quagmire that has been created by the bungling of the World Chess Championship unification is enough to make at least one strong GM give up professional chess. No it's not Anand, but you can read that interview below. Anand answers are concise and his humility and candor are what makes him one of the most popular GMs in the world.

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Olivier Breisacher (interview with GM Alexandef Morozevich), "Alexander Morozevich, Winner of the Biel Grandmaster Tournament 2003," International Chess Biel (website). It may come as a surprise that someone with a 2700 rating would consider giving up professional chess. We understand that GM Gata Kamsky did this to pursue studies in medical school, but what is the reason for GM Morozevich? When asked this question, he frankly says:

"I got tired of the lack of any reasonable prospects in the chess world. What are the goals for a professional player? There is no more clear system, no real cycle of world championships, no clear world champion and thus no possibility for the players to fight for a world title. I don't see any innovative ideas coming to change this dead-lock. I cannot believe in any real change. That's why I study chess less and less at home. Only some hours per week, no more than four or five."

Read if for yourself!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 10 August 2003