The Chess Drum begins coverage of GCI tourney!

The Generation Chess International Tournament has begun and The Chess Drum will provide coverage including commentary, games, pairings, standings and more! The tournament is inspired by GM Maurice Ashley's plea to make chess more exciting by penalizing anti-competitive play.  In all sporting events there is conflict and a battle of either brains, brawn or both. If we watched two boxers stand apart from each other, dance the ring round after round and never throw a serious punch, there would likely be an uproar, chorus of boos and maybe even a riot.  The line of thought is that chess should typify the same gladiator spirit seen in normal sporting events where wit, will, endurance, and stamina win the day. This plea could be the beginning of a chess revolution and certainly a welcome sight in the effort to avoid fiascos such as those seen in the last round of the 2003 U.S. Championship.

Coverage of
Generation Chess International Tournament

Posted by The Chess Drum: 24 April 2003