The "Chess University" opens in Washington, DC!

Chess University is a not-for-profit organization devoted to extending the role  of chess in the Washington, DC community and beyond. We promote the study and knowledge of chess as recreation and as a sport, but also as a means of improving society. Chess encourages self-reliance, discipline, fair mindedness and creative problem solving, and it demonstrates the rewards of practice and study.

Chess University seeks to foster the development of talent in the amateur and professional arenas, helping players to attain Expert, Master, and even Grandmaster status. The aim is achieved by acting as the nexus of a network of institutions with outreach into the community. The University promotes chess playing, teaching and competitions in various community centers, libraries, boys and girls clubs, recreation centers, and schools.

Chess University serves as the governing body for Street Masters around the world, and is structured to ensure effective democratic procedures in accordance with its bylaws and mission in the universal spirit of the game.

James Taylor

Posted by The Chess Drum: 1 May 2003

James Taylor of Chess University holding a session with member.