Solomon jumps out to early lead in "Chess Clash"

Challenger FM Kenny Solomon of South Africa has bolted out the gate in his battle with FM Ryan Harper of Trinidad and Tobago in the 2nd "Annotation Chess Clash." After two days, Solomon has opened up a sizeable lead. With help from ChessBase's Frederic Friedel, visitors poured in from around the world to vote on a battle of wits.  Both players have demonstrated their prowess in annotating the classic Kramnik-Kamsky battle of their Championship Qualifying  match.

There were some very instructive comments made about the annotation styles of both players, but perhaps the biggest difference was Solomon's more personal style vs. Harper's technical approach. Part of the learning process of improving play is game analysis and the feedback from the voters will be part of this process.  Solomon has already claimed to have gained a lot from this exercise while Harper's passion has been noted. It's now your turn to vote for what you feel are the best set of annotations.

The 2nd "Annotation Chess Clash"
FM Ryan Harper's analysis FM Kenny Solomon's analysis

Posted by The Chess Drum: 22 August 2003