New Continental Magazine for Africa!
South Africa South Africa South Africa

Noticed was posted on The Chess Drum message board.

Chess Africa
is a free quarterly magazine to serve the African continent. First issue will report on Africa Games at Abuja.

Chess Africa is an initiative of the official
South African Chess Federation, Chess South Africa (CHESSA) and produced by DigiCrew, a publishing company in Cape Town, South Africa. The magazine is a not-for-gain corporation and relies entirely on sponsorship and advertisements.

Magazines will be delivered to "subscribers" in batches of 50 for African communities to spread the chess message and to raise funds for their schools/clubs/organizations. There will be a recommended cover price of R12.50 about $1.75 so that the subscriber can charge the eventual recipient.

This is the first such venture in Africa and maybe the world. We need your support and comments!

Note from Walter Combrinck: This is a private initiative by a person called Nick Barnett who is a journalist by profession and someone who is very supportive towards chess and writes articles for newspapers based in the Western Cape. Nick Barnett's contact details are as follow; +27217882850 email;,

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 October 2003