Ehlvest wins CCA International… Tate earns IM norm!

The recently ended CCA International Tournament drew a number of aspirants for both the GM and IM titles. The 10-round Swiss tournament returned for the first time since 2000 and was held in Stratton Mountain, Vermont. There were a total of 19 players vying for norms including eight IMs going for GM titles. Of course the eleven FMs were also going for GM titles, but five points would be enough for an IM norm. Thirty-eight players participated overall.

GM Jaan Ehlvest has made a good showing in all three CCA events tying for 1st in 1999 with GM Viktor Bologan (Moldova), in 2000 with GM Pavel Blatny (Czech Republic) and winning clear first in this event. Ehlvest formula seemed to be to hold all the GMs and beat everybody else. This served him well as he ended with an undefeated score of 7½-2½ (5 wins, 4 draws).  A quartet of players tied for 2nd at 7-2. They were: GM Alexander Wojtkiewicz (Poland),  IM Varuzhan Akobian (U.S.), GM Petr Kiriakov (Russia) and IM John Donaldson (U.S.).

Wojtkiewicz uncorked a nice combo against Mulyar after 18.d6! Bxd6 19.Nxf7! threatening to win massive material or smother mate with 20.Nh6+. Mulyar resigned before any of it could occur.

FM Emory Tate is one such player capable of earning a GM norm and it appeared as if he was headed in the right direct after starting with an undefeated 3-1 score against strong opposition. Tate faltered in the second half but beat veteran Viktors Pupols in the final round to earn the IM norm with five points. Congratulations Emory!  Other players earning norms were: IM John Donaldson (his 2nd GM norm) and FM Robby Adamson (his 1st IM norm).

One positive observation is the addition of "FM" by CCA participant
Norman "Pete" Rogers' name. Rogers had earned the title several years ago, but the application was never filed by the United States Chess Federation. Nevertheless, it's good to see the accolade bestowed on such a deserving player.

Editor's note: Thanks to Patrick Neal of Chicago for alerting The Chess Drum of the tournament results.

FM Emory Tate

FM Emory Tate

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GM Jaan Ehlvest-IM John Donaldson
GM Alexander Wojtkiewicz-IM Michael Mulyar
FM Robby Adamson-GM Alexander Shabalov
IM Nazar Firman-FM John Bick
GM Alexander Shabalov-IM Varuzhan Akobian

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 10 June 2003