Eduardo Iturrizaga of Venezuela took 1st in the 2003 CAC Under-20 Championships, clearing the field by a bulging 1½ points. Tied in 2nd-4th place with 6-3 were: FM Manuel Leon (Mexico), Dumit Semerene (Venezuela) and IM Rafael Prasca (Venezuela). Top-seed IM Daniel Mieles of Ecuador led a quartet of 5½-3½ which included Duvan Castaño (Columbia), Askari Elson (Barbados) and Daren Wisdom  (Jamaica).

Barbados' Elson had a strong tournament and was flirting with the lead the entire tournament before losing to eventual champ Iturrizaga in the penultimate 8th round. The young Bajan scored 1½-½ against the two IMs, beating Mieles in a thrilling encounter (game on right).

The Ecuadorian IM had the advantage in the middlegame, but was sent in rapid retreat when Elson conjured up a deadly attack starting with 28. e6! As tactical cannons were firing toward the black King, he scurried for cover on h8, but the game would end with a combination involving a nifty queen sacrifice… 

Other Caribbean participants fared less auspiciously.
Ras Malaku Lorne coming off an impressive showing in the Jamaican National Championship broke even at 4½-4½. Trinidadians Sean Perryman (4-5), Antonio Gellineau (3½-5½), Marcus Joseph (3-6), Imran Hosein (2-7) gained valuable experience along with Bajans Martyn Del Castihlo (3-6) and Muralidhar Areti (2-7).

Game start 5 back 1 back 1 forward 5 forward Game end flip board autoplay


Askari Elson - IM Daniel Mieles

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 September 2003