GM Ashley speaks on Kasparov-Deep Junior match!

In a very interesting hour-long interview hosted by's  Dick Gordon, guests GM Maurice Ashley and Gaby Wood discuss the recent Kasparov-Deep Junior match. A cameo appearance was made by Dr. Feng-Hsiung Hsu who was a system architect on the Deep Blue program which defeated Kasparov in their second match. Dr. Hsu now works for the Microsoft Corporation.

The discussion was not so much about chess as it was about the social impact that computers have had in these "Man vs. Machine" matches. These matches were said to go all the way back to the times of
François-André Danican Philidor. Throughout the discussion, GM Ashley pointed out many of the psychological issues facing humans when playing computers in high-level matches. One caller awarded Kasparov with a dubious honor of drawing with Deep Junior. He went on to say how brilliant Kasparov was to even draw! Indeed, GM Ashley set the record straight.

Certain questions surfaced when listening to this discussion: Will chess become a battle where computers are the kings and humans are the underlings? Will the game have to be remade after having been "solved?" After "solving chess," will computers then move on to solving other spheres of human science like weather prediction or creating art? What happens when computers cross the threshold of artificial intelligence and create human thoughts? Certainly a delightful and digestible discussion as many incisive points were made. Enjoy!!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 13 February 2003