The "Tiger from Madras" on the prowl!

GM Viswanathan  Anand won the FIDE World Championship in 2000 after previously losing to GM Garry Kasparov in the PCA World Championship in 1995. The Indian superstar has recently enjoyed a series of strong results and is the second hottest player on the chess circuit (after  GM Peter Leko of Hungary).

Anand burst onto the scene by winning the
World Junior Championship and was noted for his astonishing calculating speed. India's first Grandmaster, he often finished his games using minutes while his opponents were battling time pressure before resigning.  His aggressive style at the chessboard belies his jovial and relaxed demeanor.

A national hero in India and a media darling in his resident Spain, Anand continued his legend by winning the recently-ended
Melody Amber tournament. This tournament combines blindfold play with rapid games. Anand scored 14-7 and lost only to GM Alexander Morozevich (who had 13-8 with only three draws!)

GM Viswanathan Anand
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Anand's recent string of good results (World Cup Classic, Russia vs. Rest of the World, Corus 2003, Linares, Melody Amber) has raised further question to his snub in the current World Championship cycle. As the world's #3 player, he is truly one of the most influential players to arrive in a long time. He is, in large part, responsible for the chess boom in Indian and has done a lot to provide inspiration for players throughout Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Linda Nangwale of Zambia was asked who her favorite player was. After stating GM Judit Polgar, she added, "I like Anand because he proves that a person from a third-world country can be a great chessplayer."  With so many Indian stars in the queue, Anand has begun a storied legacy! Congratulations to GM Anand on his victory at Melody Amber!

Anand's games at Melody Amber (playable board & PGN download)

All games from Melody Amber (PGN download)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 29 March 2003