Simutowe in Mexico for Mérida Tourney

This is the perfect time for Zambia's Amon Simutowe. The university student is currently enjoying his semester break in Yucatán, México and taking part in the Mérida International. Simutowe reported that nine of the top 20 seeds withdrew. Thus, he now stands as the 11th seed. Simutowe crushed his first opponent, Mexico's  José Alayola Montañez, by sacrificing two pieces and mating.

This tournament will also feature Costa Rica's 15-year old
GM-elect Alejandro Ramirez who gained notoriety when he drew GM Alexander Morozevich in the 2002 Olympiad. Other top players include Grandmasters: Thomas Luther (GER), Vadim Milov (SUI), Gilberto Hernández Guerrero (MEX) and Alonso Zapata (COL).

IM Amon Simutowe

IM Amon Simutowe

Round 1: Simutowe - José Alayola Montañez (México 2184), 1-0
Round 2: Manuel Michelone López (México 2086) - Simutowe, 0-1
Round 3: Simutowe - GM Vadim Milov (Switzerland 2574), 0-1
Round 4: FM Victor Ancheyta Tejas  (México 2290)- Simutowe, 0-1
Round 5: Simutowe - Alavaro Blanco (México 2390), 1-0
Round 6:
IM Jose Gonzalez Garcia (México 2449)  -  Simutowe, ½-½

Score: 4½-1½

After the 6th round, Simutowe reports, "There will be two-game knockout matches tomorrow for the top 12 after today's round plus the top four (Gelfand, Dreev, Nisipeanu, Filippov) The first round losers of the knockout will continue in the seventh round of the open section."

Wimbledon KNOCKOUT

Stage 1:

Round 1: Simutowe - GM Vadim Milov (Switzerland 2574), 1-0
Round 2:
GM Vadim Milov (Switzerland 2574) - Simutowe, 0-1

Score: 2-0

Stage 2: (winner's bracket)

Round 1: Simutowe -
GM Valerij Filippov (Russia 2630), ½-½
Round 2:
GM Valerij Filippov (Russia 2630) - Simutowe, 1-0

Score: ½-1½

Final Score: 7-3 (Final GM norm in question)

IM Amon Simutowe makes moves against Swiss GM Vadim Milov at the Mérida International. Milov won the encounter. Photo from

IM Amon Simutowe makes moves against Swiss GM Vadim Milov at the Mérida International. Milov won the encounter,but Simutowe got revenge in the knockout round. Photo from

Selected Games

GM Gilberto Hernandez (MEX) - IM Yadira Hernandez (MEX), 1-0
IM Roberto Navarro (MEX) - GM Vadim Milov (SUI), 0-1
Hanibal Muci (Mexico) - Alvaro Blanco (Mexico), 0-1
IM Guil Russek (MEX) - GM Gilberto Hernandez (MEX), 0-1
IM Luis Perez (MEX) - FM Leon Manuel (MEX), 1-0
GM Vadim Milov (SUI) - GM Thomas Luther (GER), 1-0
IM Roberto Navarro (MEX) - FM Victor Ancheyta (MEX), 1-0

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Federación Nacional de Ajedrez de México, A.C.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 16 December 2003