African Junior Championships set for Tripoli, Libya

November 10, 2003

To All African Federations:

Dear Chess Friends,

We have the pleasure to invite you to
The Africa Junior Championships 2003 in Libya in the city of Tripoli.

Entitled to participate are chess players from the federations in Zone  4.1 to  4.3 who shall not have reached the age of 20 by January  1st  of 2004 .

We will host two players from each participating Federation, one male and one female. Accommodation  will be on a full board basis from 29 December 2003 (arrival) to 7 January 2004 (departure)  for a total of 10 days.

For registration fee each player invited or additional should pay amount of US$100.00 before starts first round.

The traveling expenses of the participant are to be paid by their National Federations.

In case participants will arrive in Tripoli before or leave Tripoli after the above-mentioned days, they will have to pay full board and lodging expenses for these days. Each Federation shall be entitled to register any number of participants it deems necessary. For the extra players the rates are as follows: US$35 each per full board basis. Payment of approved entry fee of 100SFr for invited player(s) should be made to FIDE and for additional players should pay 200SFr.

The Opening Ceremony will be on
December 30th at 17:00 hrs and  Closing Ceremony will be on January 7th at 18:00hrs.

We kindly ask you to send enclosed registration forms duly filled to our address or fax  or e-mail before December 11, 2003.

When the numbers of players is 12 or fewer, the tournament will be played in round robin (all play all) .When the number of players exceeds 12, the tournament will be played in nine rounds of Swiss system.

The tournament will be played according to the Rules of Play of FIDE.

There will be a separate section for the Ladies and Men.

The time is 90 minutes for all moves plus 30 seconds increment per each move.   

The African Junior Champion shall be awarded the title of International Master.

Clear first place is equivalent to a 9-round Grandmaster result.

The winner of the African Junior Championship will have the write to participate  in the next year's World Junior Championship  if he/she has not exceeded the age limit in the meantime.

The organizing federation shall award a cup and gold medal to the winner of the title  African  Junior Championship, a silver medal to the player who takes second place and a bronze medal to the player who takes third place.       

The normal temperature between 12 to 22 degrees (Celsius) and the currency is Libyan Dinar (US$1.00 = 1.40 Libyan Dinar).

For more information please contact us in fax:
+218213611787 or
+218213339150 or

email  or

Yours respectfully,

Abdulla I. SUWAYAH
The President Of Libyan Chess Federation

Posted by The Chess Drum: 30 November 2003