Zambia's Chumfwa edges IM Gwaze to take Zimbabwe Open!


In an exciting finalé, Zambia's NM Stanley Chumfwa sprinted past top-ranked IM Robert Gwaze of Zimbabwe to take top honors at the 11-round Zimbabwe Open. Chumfwa led the field with an impressive 10-1 score while IM Gwaze finished 2nd with an undefeated 9˝ points.  While Zambians dominated the top boards throughout the tournament, it looked as if IM Gwaze would run through the field after a 7-0 start. While clinging to the narrowest of margins, he was finally hurt by a spate of draws (3 in last 4 rounds)  that caused his undoing.

Also in the pack to top honors were
Tizenge Mbambara of Zambia (9 points) who took a last-round victory over Musatwe Simutowe, (brother to IM Amon Simutowe, Zambia's top player). Wisdom Chikwanda of Zimbabwe, Tebogo Pitlagano of Botswana, and Webster Ndui of Zambia each finished with 8˝-2˝.  Six players finished with 8 points.  In other news, Abigail Mhangarayi was the best female player of the tournament finishing with 7 points while 9-year old Elvis Murimi won the best junior Trophy.

The 2002 Zimbabwe Open International Chess Tournament was a record-setting event drawing 196 participants. Among the participants are 20 players from Zambia, six players from Botswana and one player from the U.S.A. Certainly,
Lewis Ncube (President of Zambian Chess Federation), and IM Simutowe (currently playing in Hastings) will be very glad to hear the news! Congratulations to Kennedy Samvura and the Zimbabwe Chess Federation for hosting a wonderful event! Next year hopes to be even bigger and better!!

The Final results of Round 11:

BOARD WHITE               VS  BLACK                    RESULT
1.    Webster Ndui(Zam)    -  Robert Gwaze IM  (Zim)   1/2
2.    Stanley Chumfwa (Zam)-  Malupande Lungu(Zam)     1-0
3.    Musatwe Simutowe(Zam)-  Tizenge Mbambara(Zam)    0-1
4.    Joseph Phiri (Zam)   -  Arnold Kanengoni FM(Zim) 1/2
5.    Wisdom Chikwanda(Zim)-  Gershem Musende(Zam)     1-0
6.    Tebogo Pitlagano(Bot)-  Ofense Molale(Bot)       1-0

The Final standings are as follows:

NUMBER NAME                    COUNTRY       POINTS  TIE BREAK
1.     Stanley Chumfwa         Zambia        10
2.     Robert Gwaze IM         Zimbabwe      9.5
3.     Tizenge Mbambara        Zambia        9.0
4.     Wisdom Chikwanda        Zimbabwe      8.5     78
5.     Tebogo Pitlagano        Botswana      8.5     74.5
6.     Webster Ndui            Zambia        8.5     73.5
7.     Arnold Kanengoni FM     Zimbabwe      8       85
8.     Musatwe Simutowe        Zambia        8       81.5
9.     Farai Mandizha          Zimbabwe      8       75
10     Costa Bunda             Zambia        8       72.5
11.    Ronald Chimanzi         Zimbabwe      8       72.5
12.    Joseph Phiri            Zambia        8       69

Posted by The Chess Drum: 5 January 2002