Gershom Musende rises  in Zambian Chess!

Tamara Luhanga, "Musende Crowned Chess Champion," The Post, 4 July 2002,  (Lusaka, Zambia).

GERSHOM Musende was on Tuesday crowned Zambia Closed chess champion in Kitwe.

It took a tie-breaker, Buchholz to separate Musende and
Stanley Chumfwa who both led the table with nine points after 11 rounds. Musende who has a rating of 2184 beat Christopher Chileshe in his 11th round, while Chumfwa (2245) drew with Tizenge Mbambara in what was described as the most exciting game of the three-day tournament.

In the third position was
Nase Lungu, the 2001 champion who drew with Daniel Jere in his last round.

It also took a tie-breaker to separate Lungu and
William Kolomwe, who both amassed eight and a half points. In his last round Kolomwe beat Robbie Kameya. Musatwe Simutowe settled for the fifth position with a total of eight points after he drew with Vernon Muma.

Simutowe was joint on eight points with
Leslie Chikuse, Jere, Mbambara, Aaron Banda, Muma and Steven Mukupa. A total of 144 players took part in the tournament held at Vituous Restaurant in Kitwe.

Tamara Luhanga, "Chess Champ Aims for Master Norm," The Post, 11 July 2002,  (Lusaka, Zambia)


Newly crowned Zambia Closed Chess champion Gershom Musende says he is aiming for an International Master norm.

Musende yesterday added he wanted to introduce the game to young people. "I want to become an International Master and later a Grand Master, but I also wish the game could be introduced to young people especially in the compounds to give them something constructive to do," said Musende.

Musende won the Zambia Closed championship after a Buchholz tie-breaker to separate him from
Stanley Chumfwa when they tied at nine points after 11 rounds. Musende who has a rating of 2184 said he intended to take part in international tournaments to increase his rating. "We are not very exposed and I hope I can get some people to help me get some international matches," said Musende.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 12 July 2002