Zambia's Chumfwa on a Roll!!

Tamara Luhanga, "Chumfwa Crowned COMESA Open Chess Champion," The Post, 5 March 2002 (Lusaka, Zambia).

STANLEY Chumfwa was for the second time crowned champion of the monthly Comesa Open chess championship on Saturday. Tournament's chief arbiter Max Ngoma said Chumfwa beat Gershom Musende in the final to finish with 6 points. Chumfwa was followed by Mwaka Moonga who had six points while Kuchunga Simusamba, Costa Bunda and Joseph Phiri tied on 5 points to claim the third place.

Linda Nangwale was the best lady after finishing with four points, while Moses Kalapizya got five points as best over 40 player and Steven Handema was the best under 15 player. Ngoma said a total of 68 players took part in the tournament sponsored by the Cross Border Traders Association.

NM Stanley Chumfwa

Chumfwa will participate in this month's Goodrich Open Championship in Calcutta, India together with three other Zambians. CFZ president Lewis Ncube said the quartet were preparing for the tournament though sponsors had not yet been sought. The three other players participating in the Goodrich are Malupande Lungu, Nase Lungu, and Daniel Jere.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 5 March 2002