Zambia's Chapula triumphs in Kafue Closed!!

Tamara Luhanga, "Brian Chapula Crowned Kafue Chess Champion," The Post, 4 February 2002 (Lusaka, Zambia).

BRIAN Chapula was on Saturday crowned champion of the Kafue Closed Chess Championship which was held at the Nitrogen Chemicals clubhouse. Chess Federation of Zambia (CFZ) president Lewis Ncube said Chapula finished the seven round tournament with seven points and walked away with K200,000. Chapula was followed by Akafekwa Sitali, Goodfellow Handuna and Pelekelo Chibeya who were tied at 6.5 points.

Best youngest player was
Lombe Shibemba who finished with four points out of seven points, while the lady was Anne Nyirenda with three and a half points. Ineli Mangapa aged 8, was the youngest female player and received an award after she amassed one point. "What really encouraged us about Ineli is that she was the youngest player as a girl, because most youngest players are boys," said Ncube.

Ncube said former national team player
Michael Thole also graced the event but could not take part because he arrived late. Other people who were at the tournament were national co-ordinator Andrew Muyaba, national treasurer Davy Nshikokola, while Moses Zimba was the arbiter. "We will have a meeting which will see the formation of a league in Kafue in order to revive chess in the area, we would also like to thank the convenor of the tournament Derrick Chansa," Ncube said.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 7 February 2002