A Breakthrough in the Quest for World Chess Unification!!!

With Yasser Seirawan's "Fresh Start" serving as a catalyst for change, there has been a breakthrough in the efforts to bring unification to the World Chess Championship crown. In a joint agreement by the Einstein Group (London) and Madame Nahed Ojjeh (Paris).

Nahed Ojjeh: "I am very pleased to work with Einstein and any other party who shares the same aims. The following proposal is an excellent basis to reach the goal of reunification. After ten years of division a solution is needed in the interest of professional players, sponsors and chess lovers. A reunification of the Chess World will assist in popularising chess and spreading it to schools. Learning chess has been proven to assist in children's educational development."

The parties have agreed on a proposed cycle with the backing of a committee of influential Grandmasters. While
GM Garry Kasparov is not a member of the committee, he has already expressed support for the proposal. Perhaps this shows what can result when able minds congregate and hash out a solution. The document appears well-crafted and includes  the participation of GM Kasparov (World's #1 player), GM Vladimir Kramnik (Brain Games World Champion), GM Ruslan Ponomariov (FIDE World Champion).

Joint proposal for Chess Unification

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 April 2002