Wilkinson describes Jamaica's  "Fantastic Sojourn" to Olympiad!

Ian Wilkinson has been involved in chess for only a short time, but he has certainly made an impact as an organizer and promoter on the island of Jamaica. His enthusiasm and charisma are both are attributes that came into good effect while serving as the Captain of both the Men's and Women's Chess Olympiad teams in Bled, Slovenia.

Upon his return,
The Chess Drum requested an essay detailing his experience in Bled and he has penned a captivating essay which provided the reader with a glimpse of the excitement that filled each participant and attendee. Wilkinson writes in his characteristically elegant prose which is mixed with a tinge of humor and does a fantastic job in providing intricate details of the atmosphere. Numerous photos and games accompany the essay so the reader can relive the "Olympiad Experience."  Enjoy!!

Ian Wilkinson in the Olympiad Press Center. Copyright © 2002 Ian Wilkinson.

Ian Wilkinson at
Olympiad Press Center

Read "The 35thChess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia
through a Jamaican Microscope: A Fantastic Sojourn"

Posted by The Chess Drum: 8 December 2002