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IM Kobese predicts 7-0 crush of Match Challenger!!

This report was submitted by Jackie Ngubeni of The Chess Academy.

International Master Watu Kobese has been challenged to a seven game match by Mr. Ronnie Van Tonder, the winner of the 2002 South African Open Chess Championship ( Van Tonder won the crown by beating top-seed  IM Amon Simutowe thereby causing a huge upset. IM Watu was unable to play that event as he was doing duty as the NATIONAL CHESS COACH of BOTSWANA, a neighbouring country. Watu will not play for the South African side, but work with the Botswana team at the Olympiad.

IM Watu Kobese

IM Watu Kobese

The match came about as many chess enthusiasts were openly talking about a different outcome if IM Watu was playing. The Chess Academy, to which Watu is the head trainer, then persuaded the African chess maestro to play a match in the interest of growing the sport beyond these speculations and uncertainties. HOLLBAY INTERNATIONAL Managing Director Mr. EDDIE HOLLOWAY, acclaimed #1 Watu Kobese chess fan, then proudly put-up the minimum 1000 USD prize-fund IM Watu demanded. The break-down was agreed as follows, The winner per game will pocket 120 USD and the loser will be consoled with 30 USD. A draw will see each take 45 USD.

The black-owned magnificent Hotel Chain THE DON SUITES (, will provide the venue and accommodation for the players. Other sponsors are the likes of SAB, RED-BULL, BLAK-TIE CO, will be playing a role in kind.

The Match starts on the 27th of JULY 2002, one game per evening until the 3rd of August 2002. The time control used at the FIDE World Chess Championships agreed. Mr. Alex Mpuisang of the Botswana Chess Federation will be the Tournament Director.

IM Watu Kobese, who is included to play the FIDE World Chess Cup against the likes of
GM Kasparov and all the top world players later in October, has promised Mr. Van Tonder, in a scene reminiscent to DON KING boxing promotions, that the score WILL be 7-0. Ronnie, a little known chessplayer on the other hand, was unfazed by IM Watu stature in chess and assured him the same punishing treatment he administered to IM Simutowe!

The Chess Academy will bring the DRUM readers BLOW by BLOW account of the event! This will also be an opportunity to see pictures of IM Watu in a Steinitz-like Bow & Tie as the sponsor is BLAK-TIE Company. IM Simutowe will annotate the games round by round.

Ronnie Van Tonder (South Africa)

Van Tonder

Editor's Note: Ronnie van Tonder and Jonathan Gluckman tied for the top two positions in the recent South African Open each scoring 9-2. Van Tonder won the playoff and thus the title along with first prize of R15 000. Van Tonder had upset front-runner IM Amon Simutowe making way for the tiebreak.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 July 2002

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