South Africa to host IM Tournament in May!!

South Africa has long been one of the strongest chess-playing nations on the continent of Africa, and it is nurturing home talent with the advent of The Chess Academy run by Jackie Ngubeni and IM Watu Kobese.  More recently, Mr. Ngubeni's Chess Academy will team with the DON Suite Hotel Group to put in motion the International Masters Chess Tournament to be held in mid-May 2002.  The DON Suite Hotel Group is a Black Economic Empowerment company (BEE) registered in accordance with the Company Act of RSA, and  listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Schedule: The 11-round robin event will offer chances for IM norms and will be officiated by International Arbiters E. Price and A. Kobese. The ARRIVAL date is 12 May 2002 and the DEPARTURE date will be 25 May 2002. The tournament schedule will feature one round per day with games to be played starting at 17h:00 S.A. Time. Two free days are planned. This tournament will feature the accelerated time controls used at the last FIDE World Championship. Players meeting is scheduled for 13 May 2002.

Prize Fund and Entry Fee: The tournament will offer A guaranteed US$2000.00 1st prize. This prize fund may increase as high as US$5000.00 pending sponsorship confirmations. IM's with an ELO rating of minimum 2350 will be allowed to play for free, subject to application approvals. Furthermore, they will receive the following conditions: free accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner @ Five Star Level), and transport for personal errands within Johannesburg.

For players and IM's (ELO less than 2349), the following fee categories will entitle the player to the same conditions as the above for qualifying IM's.

Non IM's ELO +2300 Entry fee = US$1000.00
Elo 2250-2299      Entry fee = US$1150.00
Elo 2100-2249      Entry fee = US$1250.00
Elo 2000-2099      Entry fee = US$1350.00

Closing Date for Entry Considerations: Players and Federation interested in partaking or sending participants respectively are advised to note the dead-line for consideration as no later than 02 April 2002 midnight GMT. E-mail notification and applications will be perfectly acceptable.

Jackie Ngubeni (, The Chess Academy (SA).


South Africa

Posted by The Chess Drum: 21 March 2002