Drum Major on a Roll!  NM Rogers leads Penn State tournament!!

NM Norman "Pete" Rogers was stopped by IM Watu Kobese last summer in the historic Wilbert Paige Memorial from earning his second IM norm in one month's time. Well that was LAST year. NM Rogers has begun the year by blasting out of the gates with an already impressive showing at the Donald Byrne-Penn State Masters Invitational. After five rounds, the Philadelphia native has a 4- score. With four rounds remaining, he needs only 1 points to earn his second IM norm. Certainly, his fellow Philly masters will pay him a visit this weekend to give support in his quest for another IM norm.

This has been a good stretch for NM Rogers as he has been playing inspired chess in a year's time. What is interesting is that NM Rogers once qualified for the FM title, but the U.S. Chess Federation never sent his application to FIDE for conferral. His first IM norm came in last year's World Open. For a veteran like NM Rogers, this success has been a long time coming. A tenacious player with an all-around solid style, he may become the next player of African descent to earn the coveted IM title.  Press on Pete!

Donald Byrne-Penn State Tournament Information Center

Posted by The Chess Drum: 22 February 2002

NM Norman 'Pete' Rogers analyzing at the Wilbert Paige Memorial, July 2001.