Jamaica's Keisha Ramator shows "The Heart of  a Champion"


For past year, Keisha Ramator has set an improved standard for women's chess in Jamaica. The 23-year old is in the final year of studying finance at UTech (Jamaica), and is preparing for the bright future that lies ahead.  She is the reigning National Women's Champion as well as the National Women's Blitz Champion.

In the June 18th edition of the Jamaican Observer she granted
FM Warren Elliott an interview and was quite candid in her responses. When asked why she took a liking to chess, she mentioned her misfortunes with other sports such as netball and volleyball, but she added a more provocative reason.

Keisha Ramator, Jamaica's Chess Sportswoman of the Year, 2001.

"The challenge, the challenge of analyzing and the fact that it's a mind game. It gives this feeling of having an intellectual edge. Plus I like the competition and challenging men at a game they think is theirs."

Keisha's last statement sounds like the challenge of Hungary's
GM Judit Polgar, the strongest woman in chess history, currently a top 20 player, and a frequent destroyer of the male chess ego.  Keisha proudly recounted how (during high school) the Wolmer's Girls chess team dished out a 4-0 drubbing of the Wolmer's Boys chess team after being taunted.

Besides her apparent feistiness at the chess board, Keisha's persona draws positive attention and perhaps will provide hope for the future of women's chess on the island of Jamaica.  The 2001 "Sportswoman of the Year," Keisha encourages others to "build the sport and it will help to build you." Congratulations Keisha!

Read "The Heart of a Champion,"  The Jamaican Observer

Posted by The Chess Drum: 20 June 2002