Sweden's Pontus Carlsson gets  High Marks!

Pontus Carlsson just turned 20 years old on December 18th and is currently participating in the World Junior Championships in Goa, India. S. Paul Arokia Raj interviewed Mr. Carlsson during the tournament and collected some interesting details of his storied life.

The Columbian native was adopted as a one-year old by a Swedish family after losing his entire family. He holds dual citizenship in Sweden and Columbia, is a student of mathematics in 
Linkoping, Sweden, and also serves as a bartender.

Touting a current rating of 2376 (reaching a high of 2400 in 2001), Carlsson has earned IM norms in both Sweden and Greece and is looking to complete his title requirements in Goa.  He has already improved on last year's tally of six points, and with one round remaining, is grouped with several players (including
IM Amon Simutowe) with 6 pts. Carlsson also competes in the European Chess League for Sollentuna Schackklubb.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 19 December 2002

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Pontus Carlsson