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Jerry Bibuld has been directing Olympiad tournaments for quite some time, but perhaps has gained a greater notoriety for his classic photography. He took up the craft in 1983 after becoming frustrated with repeated requests for photos with tournament articles he submitted. The passion continued to grow and Jerry has been "in photography" for the past 19 years… the last nine as a professional.  He uses some of the proceeds of his chess photographs to assist African federations with chess materials and equipment.

During the Olympiad, Jerry dutifully e-mailed more than 80 photos  to
The Chess Drum for display. The photos provide the viewer with different angles and expressions, but perhaps the most treasured shots will remain the group shots of the various Olympiad teams.  Jerry also takes pride in these pictures and mentions that they destroy what he describes as European and "United Statesian" stereotypes. Gallery #9 contains pictures of the medal winners from African and the Caribbean and what Jerry call FIDE's  "Big Four."

Jerry Bibuld. Copyright © 2001, Daaim Shabazz.

Jerry Bibuld
(International Arbiter &
Chess Photographer)

The Chess Drum is grateful for the contributions to the Olympiad Gallery and has designed a  total of 13 galleries (four from pictures submitted by Allan Herbert of Barbados).  In these galleries,  you will be able to get a glimpse of the true Olympiad experience. In addition, you may feel the triumphant spirit surrounding the success of African and Caribbean nations!

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 22 November 2002