Nigeria's Adebayo takes 1st at Fiji CC Invitational!

Nnamdi Okosieme, P.M. News, 21 January 2002 (Lagos, Nigeria).

Adegboye Adebayo at the weekend emerged the winner of the 1st Invitational Chess Championship organised by the Fiji Chess Club.  At the end of an excruciating 10 months of competition which started on 3 March 2001, Adebayo beat nine other contestants to emerge first with 85 points. Following him closely in second place was teammate Kolade Onabogun who finished with 81 points. Bunmi Olape was placed third with 70 points.

The just concluded chess championship witnessed a total of 360 games played over a 10-month period. The organisers departed from the traditional Swiss format and opted for the round robin format which they said enabled all the players to play each other.  Speaking to P.M. Sport at the end of the tournament,
Joachim Idada, Tournament, Director said he is satisfied with the outcome.  "The players exhibited a high degree of professionalism and discipline throughout and at the end of the day, the best player won". 

Idada disclosed that Adebayo would receive the sum of N20,000 while runner-up Onabogun would get N10,000. Third placed Olape will go home with N5,000. Idada also revealed that his club is working towards securing participation for the winner and runner-up at the Smith and Williams British championship slated for 28 July 2002.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 January 2002