IM Kudzanai Mamombe  on a Mission!

The biennial Chess Olympiad provides a spirited environment where memories are made, relationships are built, and ideas are sprung. Players from around the world have interesting conversations about chess, personal aspirations, and perhaps the international politics of their country or region.

IM Kudzanai Mamombe has no doubt experienced the mystique as a five-time representative of the Zimbabwe Olympiad team. One topic among many African players at Olympiad competitions remains the dearth of GMs on the vast continent… specifically the sub-Saharan region. This topic remains a burning issue.

"I was just discussing with my fellow African IMs why we are not making it to GM. I for one had an opportunity in beginning of 1993 when the GMA was still functional. Kasparov authorised full sponsorship and Timman arranged some tournaments in Holland. I played in two…  THEN the problem in the association started. I decided to follow the academic path because I did not see any future then."

IM Kudzanai Mamombe

IM Kudzanai Mamombe

As stated, the seven-time Zimbabwean champion and two-time African Junior champion pursued his education and has been a Cambridge-certified Math and Science  instructor for the past eight years. His focus has now turned back to chess and he is seeking opportunities in to vie for the Grandmaster title. The issue has always been the lack of chess resources needed for such heights. Thus, Mamombe has broadened his scope to include the USA and the Caribbean as places he would like to lend his array of talents both as a math and science instructor and as a chess coach.

Any organization in the USA and/or the Caribbean interested in contacting Mr. Mamombe can contact him via e-mail at
kmamombe@yahoo.com. Résumé or Curriculum Vitae available upon request.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 4 October 2002