Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess: An Oldie, but Goodie

GM Maurice Ashley has become a household name in chess circles due to his affable demeanor as a person, and his talent as both a player and commentator. GM Ashley has also made a mark in the educational realm of chess as a coach and organizer. Back in 1995, he finished an educational CD-ROM titled, "Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess," and it was released in early 1996.

As soon as it hit the market, word quickly spread on how wonderful a product it was. In this age of databases and the Internet,  there are a plethora of tools to use to improve one's game, but "Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess" is still holding its own as perhaps one of the best educational CDs available for learning chess. If you haven't heard about the CD, please take time to learn more about it!

"Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess" (a CD Review)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 15 June 2002