Jamaica's  Matthews breaks out to a 1-0 lead!


Bert Scott, "Matthews Leads 2002 Masters K.O. Final, 1-0," Jamaican Ambassadors Academy, May 2002.

NM Shane Matthews drew first blood in the 2002 Masters K.O. Final on Saturday by scoring an easy win over NM Jomo Pitterson in a Najdorf Sicilian. The match continues on Saturday, May 18 with Game 2 where Pitterson will no doubt seek to level the score.   

NM Shane Matthews  leads NM Jomo Pitterson,  1-0
Match Prediction:  Matthews 2.5 - Pitterson 1.5

National Master Shane Matthews, in JACA's opinion, Jamaica's best chance at an IM or GM title, has been a bundle of consistency these past months winning everything in sight. To fall behind 1-0 to a player in such devastating form and clearly on a mission is fatal. And so, Pitterson is in a deep hole and will have to do something very special to get from under. 

Of course, Pitterson also fell behind in his quarter-final game against Holness and stormed back brilliant to win the match. But this time Jomo is behind against "The Magician" who will simply play solid to draw the remaining 3 games to win the Masters title 2.5 - 1.5. If Pitterson pushes too hard to even the match, the score for Matthews could easily be 3-1.

NM Shane Matthews

NM Shane Matthews
NM Jomo Pitterson

NM Jomo Pitterson

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 17 May  2002