Jamaican Ambassadors to play Jax Chess Club in  a Game/30 Internet Match!


This report was written by Bert Scott from the Jamaican Ambassadors Chess Academy.

Jamaican Ambassadors Chess Academy
will play an Internet chess match against the Jacksonville Chess Club of Florida on Saturday, March 9 at 12:30 PM.

The Jamaican Ambassadors invitational team will be selected from National Master
Shane Matthews (ELO 2228), National Master Jomo Pitterson (ELO 2240), FIDE Master Grantel Gibbs (ELO 2191), FIDE Master Warren Elliott (ELO 2275), National Master Russel Porter (JA 2242), National Master Geoffrey Byfield (JA 2299), Junior Champion Equitable Brown (JA 2115), Mark Henry (1714), Mark Bowen (JA 1756), Humphrey Gayle (ELO 2111), and Bertram Scott (JA 1912), team captain. The Jacksonville team, nicknamed "The General Jackson Brigade", will be represented by Andras Meszaros (Elo 2500), Robin Spitel (USCF 2375), Andrew Cunanan (USCF 2101), Scott Pfeiffer (USCF 2080), David Lamb (USCF 2000), John Ellis, and Brad Zang, team captain.

The match against the General Jackson Brigade is the first in a series of internet matches scheduled by The Academy including possible encounters against teams from Belgium, Canada, North Carolina, Africa, and New York. Jamaican Ambassadors are being sponsored by One Stop Computer's LTD of Island Life Shopping Mall, and will be playing from the offices of One Stop Computer's at the Mall.

Editor's note:  This is a positive development and shows the ability of the Internet in bringing players together who would otherwise have not met.  Perhaps this will make future transcontinental matches possible.  Perhaps there could be a "Pan-African" International with players from the U.S., the Caribbean and Africa. In the meantime… Go Jamaica!!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 11 February 2002