FM Ryan Harper closing in on Trinidadian National Crown!

Thanks to Bert Scott of Jamaican Ambassadors Chess Academy for the tip on this story.

NM Cristo Cave
has long been Trinidad's top player and has proven it over the years by winning the National Crown an astounding 10 consecutive years! Of course, when you're at the top for so long one of two things can cause a change: lack of hunger of the champion, or increasing hunger of opponents.

In this article written by
Ian Prescott, he reports that FM Ryan Harper is poised to dethrone NM Cave after the reigning champion lost to another upstart, FM Mario Merritt. The New India National Championship is moving to the crucial stage, and only second place appears to be in doubt. FM Harper is a bulging three points ahead of the field with three rounds remaining. With one more draw, FM Harper may bring in the changing of the guard in Trinidadian chess! Of course, champions have a way of rebounding and this competition will serve as a spark to "Trini Chess."

Read Prescott's, "Harper Closes in on Title," Internet Express (Trinidad).
FM Ryan Harper

Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 June 2002