Kimani Stancil  earns Ph.D. in Physics from MIT!!

Kimani Atiim Stancil, attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has just survived the gargantuan task of  defending his Ph.D. thesis titled, "Molecular Recognition: Conformational Memory and the Macroscopic Functional Character of Heteropolymer Gels."  When asked to give a "layman's" explanation, Kimani says,

"The physics of molecular capture by gels consisting of different monomers. The capturing ability is measured as a function of the gel's ability to switch between diluted (expanded) and dense (compact) state. Memory is evaluated by the gel's ability to return to its original (prepared) state via molecular capture."

Dr. Kimani Stancil

Dr. Kimani Stancil

Still puzzled??  Well… this chess expert offered a possible application, "My thesis involves using gels as protein mimics to gain insight into protein function and design." When asked the question, 'Why Physics??' Kimani  contends that it is the challenge of learning and applying models of nature for conceptual and hopefully social gains. A Baltimore native and former scholastic standout, Kimani gives lots of praise and thanks to his parents for keeping him grounded. On one of his web pages, he writes this touching message:

I dedicate my career to my parents and family. They are me as I am them. Nkonsonkonso, connected like links in a chain are we.

Congratulations Dr. Stancil!!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 6 May  2002